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Larger resolution photos

The following images have been provided by various photographers for use in the State of Canada's Birds report. Permission has been granted by photographers to use the photos listed below for the purpose of announcing or commenting on the State of the Birds Report (including newspapers, web sites, blogs, etc.), on the express condition that all photos be given the appropriate credit (i.e. including the name of the photographer). Media wishing to use any photos not listed in the table, but available elsewhere in the report (including the web site) may be able to obtain permission from the photographers by contacting Chris Sutton.

Also note that graphics showing results within the report or in the web site can also be used, using State of Canada's Birds Report 2012 as credit.

CoverReport coverState of Canada's BirdsPhoto
CoverSwainson's HawkMay HagaPhoto
CoverWhite-breasted NuthatchNick SaundersPhoto
CoverTufted PuffinAlan BurgerPhoto
CoverWilson's SnipeMay HagaPhoto
Table of contentsDungarvin CreekH. Loney DicksonPhoto
Table of contentsTaiga LakesCraig MachtansPhoto
1. ForewordBlue JayMay HagaPhoto
2. National OverviewBald EagleCharles M. FrancisPhoto
2. National OverviewBarn SwallowNick SaundersPhoto
3.1 Southern Shield and MaritimesBlack-and-white WarblerCharles M. FrancisPhoto
3.1 Southern Shield and MaritimesCommon LoonCharles M. FrancisPhoto
3.1 Southern Shield and MaritimesBicknell's ThrushDan BusbyPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrencePileated WoodpeckerAlan BurgerPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrenceBobolinkMay HagaPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrenceHerring Gull colonyIan ParsonsPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrenceLeast BitternGord BelyeaPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrenceCommon NighthawkNick SaundersPhoto
3.2 Lower Great Lakes-St LawrenceRose-breasted GrosbeakMay HagaPhoto
3.3 Eastern BorealBoreal ChickadeeNick SaundersPhoto
3.3 Eastern BorealStilt SandpiperMay HagaPhoto
3.4 Western BorealBlackpoll WarblerCharles M. FrancisPhoto
3.4 Western BorealLesser ScaupNick SaundersPhoto
3.4 Western BorealGroup photoKevin KardynalPhoto
3.4 Western BorealTaiga LakesCraig MachtansPhoto
3.4 Western BorealSpruce GrouseMay HagaPhoto
3.5 PrairiesPrairie potholeBob ClarkPhoto
3.5 PrairiesMallard ducklingsMay HagaPhoto
3.5 PrairiesGreater Sage-GrouseMay HagaPhoto
3.5 PrairiesAmerican AvocetNick SaundersPhoto
3.5 PrairiesSuffield National Wildlife AreaGarry C. TrottierPhoto
3.5 PrairiesWestern MeadowlarkNick SaundersPhoto
3.6 West Coast and MountainsBarrow's GoldeneyeRalph HockenPhoto
3.6 West Coast and MountainsRed CrossbillElaine R. WilsonPhoto
3.6 West Coast and MountainsDunlinsPeter CandidoPhoto
3.7 ArcticRed KnotMay HagaPhoto
3.7 ArcticHelicopterCharles M. FrancisPhoto
3.7 ArcticBaird's SandpiperKyle ElliotPhoto
3.7 ArcticSnow GeeseMay HagaPhoto
3.7 ArcticWhimbrelMay HagaPhoto
3.8 OceansNorthern GannetsRichard CotterPhoto
3.8 OceansTufted PuffinAlan BurgerPhoto
3.8 OceansRed-necked PhalaropeCharles M. FrancisPhoto
3.8 OceansThick-billed MurresTim LashPhoto
4. Beyond our BordersCanada WarblerNick SaundersPhoto
4. Beyond our BordersSwainson's HawkMay HagaPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernCliff SwallowCharles M. FrancisPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernIvory GullAlan BurgerPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernOlive-sided FlycatcherNick SaundersPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernWood ThrushIsaac SanchezPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernLoggerhead ShrikeMay HagaPhoto
5. Birds of Conservation ConcernPiping PloverGordon CourtPhoto
6. Conserving Canada's BirdsCobourg IslandGrant GilchristPhoto
6. Conserving Canada's BirdsChildrenCatherine JardinePhoto
6. Conserving Canada's BirdsPeregrine FalconGordon CourtPhoto
6. Conserving Canada's BirdsChimney SwiftTony BeckPhoto
6. Conserving Canada's BirdsForestry operationsCharles M. FrancisPhoto
7. Monitoring Canada's BirdsEvening GrosbeakGord BelyeaPhoto
7. Monitoring Canada's BirdsLong-tailed JaegerCharles M. FrancisPhoto
7. Monitoring Canada's BirdsPlaneUSFWSPhoto
8. Measuring the State of Canada's BirdsBohemian WaxwingNick SaundersPhoto
8. Measuring the State of Canada's BirdsHorned GrebesMay HagaPhoto